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Design Process

Our professional room designer team is frequently asked about its design process, so this is a general explanation for potential clients before the initial meeting. Each client is different, so the process may change slightly.

  • RSVP meets with the client to discuss their wants and needs for the project at the RSVP office
  • Meeting is no longer than one hour
  • All decision-makers should be present to ensure everyone is happy with the outcome of the project
  • Consultation Agreement is presented to the client to sign if they agree to move forward
  • Agreement is for three hours of work by RSVP and includes anything they can accomplish in that time to give the client an idea of a concept
  • RSVP and the client discuss the parameters of the project further
  • This phase takes place at the project site to do on-site measuring and take “before” photos
  • Again, all decision-makers need to be present, just like in all phases of the project
Conceptual Design
  • RSVP prepares an initial design idea with a combination of rough sketches, fabric samples, etc. This is sometimes presented in the form of a presentation board.
  • Initial budget estimate provided to demonstrate the cost of designing the project
  • The client approves the direction the team is going
  • Client places the design in steps according to priority if needed
  • Meetings with contractors takes place on-site to do any additional measuring
  • RSVP has a list of contractors they trust and have worked with on projects in the past
  • Client is given an agreement outlining time billing and other valuable information
Design Development
  • RSVP provides AutoCAD plans to show space planning of furniture
  • If needed, 3D renderings are also presented
  • RSVP provides paint choices and other finish specifications.
  • Meet with the client during this phase at any showrooms to look at specified furniture and/or accessories
Preparation of Documents
  • RSVP finalizes finish specifications, furniture specifications, etc.
  • Client is given a proposal for approval and deposit is collected to order specs
  • Labor and furniture requires 50% deposit to get started
  • Fabrics and wall coverings usually require 100% payment to be ordered
Contract Administration
  • RSVP team makes frequent visits to the job site to observe and check on the process
  • Questions/concerns by the client are directed to RSVP as the contact to the contractor
  • When project ends or furniture/accessories are delivered, final payment is collected
  • A walk through with the client is imperative to confirm their approval of the finished product