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Metrocon 2015

Happenings at RSVP

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Last week we attended Metrocon and Rhonda, Nia and I had a blast! As interior designers, we are constantly being challenged to expand on our knowledge, stay updated on codes, products, and trends. Metrocon helps us accomplish that and is a great opportunity for networking.  This week, we want to share with our wonderful readers what Metrocon is all about and what our experience was like.

What Is Metrocon?

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Metrocon started in 2003 and is a two day long trade show that brings Interior Designers, Architects, Facility Managers and Design Students together. Last year, more than 2,500 people attended with over 270 exhibits. It is a feast of information on the latest and greatest products. It also offers a wealth of knowledge, giving us access to fifty CEU (Continued Education Unit) classes. It’s a great opportunity for us as Designers to stay up to date so that we can provide our clients the best design services possible. It is always great fun and this year was no exception!

What Caught Our Attention:

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Funky chairs, bright colors and new materials are always a highlight at Metrocon. This beautiful back-lighted work of art caught our attention right from the start. It can be custom made to fit almost any size and would definitely provide our clients with a one-of-a-kind piece for their space. LDF Silk’s booth was gorgeous with a great mixture of texture and organic pieces.

The Winner Is….!

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We asked our Facebook friends to vote on which chair they thought was the most funky and fun from Metrocon. Here’s the winner. Which one would you have picked?

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Student Designers:

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It has been great having Nia as part of our RSVP Design Services team for the summer. She took full advantage of all Metrocon had to offer talking it up with venders and trying out the new products. ASID was working hard to help our up-and-coming interior design professionals by providing a guided tour and group discussions for student members.

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We got the chance to say hello to our wonderful rug supplier, Alex, with Dallas Rugs and Paloma Creations who always inspires us with their high end custom furniture. Vetro never ceases to amaze us with beautifully designed custom glass work. As always, Kathy with Luminexa, was doing some interesting things with resin. We loved the look of her displays with birch branches and orchids.

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Metrocon 2015

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All in all it was a great trade show experience and time well spent. We took classes on an array of interesting subjects, including how to design with the newest tile, stone, glass, unique glass solutions, custom stone designs, and finish and anchoring systems. We hope you enjoyed sharing in our experience at Metrocon this week. We love hearing from our readers and welcome comments and suggestions for future blogs. Contact us today if you have questions about our services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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