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RSVP’s Free Gift To Blog Readers

Special Gift:


RSVP Design Services would like to offer a special gift to our readers this Christmas. It is our way of saying “Thank You” and showing appreciation to our loyal readers. Rhonda and I are so blessed to have wonderful clients, reps, and venders to work with and for, as we strive to better the lives of others one environment at a time. We know it would not be possible to do what we love without you.

Define Your Personal Style:

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We pride ourselves on the ability to help our clients decipher and understand his or her own personal style. So many of our clients start off feeling overwhelmed and uncertain when asked to define what their unique style is. Often they know what they like or don’t like when they see it in a magazine or store and they know how to throw out words like contemporary or traditional. However,  loving the way a display looks is different from having to live and function within that look. Also everyone’s version of what makes something contemporary or traditional is up for personal interpretation.

RSVP’s Free Gift To Blog Readers:

Today, with just ten simple questions we will help you have a better understanding of what your own unique style is… our free gift to you. Just take a few minutes to answer the following questions honestly. Post your answers as comments on our blog page and be sure to include your contact information. We will get back to you with your results that may be a  surprise to you.

We will draw one lucky person from the participants and feature them in an upcoming blog. This lucky winner will receive a more in-depth and detailed description of what sets their personal style apart!

Excited yet? Great!!! We hoped that you would be. Now sit back, be open-minded, and send us your answers. The more details you give us the better we are able to determine what sets you apart. You are one step closer to having RSVP Design Services help you discover your true design style!

Question 1:

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What do you dislike the most about your current home and why?

Question 2:

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What is your favorite outfit? Describe it in detail and tell us why it makes you feel good.

Question 3:

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What is your favorite and least favorite color? How do those color’s make you feel?

Question 4:


When you have free time on your hands what do you do with it? What are your hobbies/interest?

Question 5:

overall space

What would be your dream job and why?

Question 6:

overall bedroom-0001

Which best describes your ideal master bedroom?

  1. Bright and Airy: You like all white bedding; light colored walls, and a soft rug.
  2. Romantic and Dramatic: luxury bedding, lots of throw pillows, and motorized black out drapery
  3. Clean and relaxing: Your bed room is your escape and you would prefer it be free from anything distracting
  4. Pretty and Practical: You have kids and pets so the bedding needs to be machine washable but you still want it to look nice and up to date.
  5. Traditional and Cozy: You want an oriental rug and a darkly stained wood carved bed

Question 7:

Frisco family room detail


Which best describes your ideal family room?

  1. Colorful and inviting with space to entertain
  2. A tufted sofa, mirrored cocktail table, and mohair pillows
  3. Functional and simple, you don’t want a lot of knickknacks laying around
  4. Laid back and casual.  It is where the whole family spends time together so you need things that are durable yet nice looking
  5. You love a deep rolled arm leather sofa and your throw pillows are a mixture of patterned fabrics and trims.

Question 9:

Preston Hollow Dining room_1

What would your dream vacation be and why? Where would you go and what would you look forward to doing the most?

Question 10:


How would you like for your family and guests to describe your home when talking to others about it?


head shot

Please post your answers as a comment and you will receive your very own, one of a kind, personal design style from us!!! Merry Christmas!



  1. Rudolf Valentino
    Rudolf Valentino12-29-2014

    1-My Windows, My house was build in 1948, so my windows have an dated look. I will like picture windows.
    2-Since I am a guy, I don’t have an outfit, but I have these Nordstrom Jeans that fit like a glove, there soft and give a little. They make me feel slim.
    3-Blue. It is just to Americana for me.
    4-Weekend is my free time, I shop and clean the house. Hobbies Traveling, Dancing
    5-A Buyer for a Furniture showroom, Because I like to be around beautiful things.
    6-#3;3.Clean and relaxing: Your bed room is your escape and you would prefer it be free from anything distracting
    7-43.Functional and simple, you don’t want a lot of knickknacks laying around. I am a minimalist
    8-You skipped questions 8.
    9-My dream vacation would be Australia, Big country lots to do. I would go the Barrier reef, I love the ocean.
    10-Confortable, organized and clean!

  2. RSVP Design Sevices
    RSVP Design Sevices01-05-2015

    Happy New Year Rudolf! Thank you for submitting your comments. RSVP is working on your free gift! Thank you for being a faithful reader.

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