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RSVP’s Top Four Nursery Must Haves

With the upcoming and greatly anticipated arrival of two new little ones for Rhonda and me, you can imagine that nursery décor has been on our minds. Rhonda’s oldest daughter will welcome her first baby as will my younger sister in just a few weeks. All the excitement and preparation that comes along with a new baby is fun, but also a bit overwhelming. You want everything to be perfect, especially for your first time. So, in order to ease your anxiety and help you choose what is really important to you, we have complied a short list of a few things. If you stick to this list, you are sure to have a one-of-a-kind picture perfect nest for your new bundle of joy.

1. Inspiring:

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Encouraging your child to dream big and be free to use their imagination is so important. Creating an environment that inspires freedom and allows them to feel safe from the outside world is vital. While an ‘all-white’ nursery or room filled with soft colors is beautiful to us… keep in mind that infants see bright colors and strong contrast. Décor that provides depth and texture will help your baby with their tactile and perceptive skills from a very early age. Rhonda and I love the countless creative mobiles available today. Go themed or just use varying colors and shapes.

Contrast and Bright Colors:

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2. Interactive:

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Another way that will be sure to assist your baby in their development skills is to again provide them with an environment that is conducive to that. Use all five surfaces to your advantage. We love the idea of a wall that they can draw on, stick things on, and eventually practice their writing skills on. Leave space on the wall for your baby’s growth chart making their room personal. Having a reading nook is a great space for you and your little one to bond with bedtime stories and instill a love of reading. A ceiling that they can gaze up at and study something interesting… whether it’s a constellation, fun pattern, or maybe even favorite family quotes that have meaning to you… is a great way to personalize the nursery. Don’t forget the floor: something soft for safety but easily cleanable is best. Go for area rugs verses wall-to-wall carpet. Let’s face it, along with that melting smile and curious fingers, comes years’ worth of accidents.

Interactive Wall and Growth Charts:

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Reading Nook:

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3. Illuminating:

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Ever noticed how lights or shinny surfaces can entertain and catch the attention of even the youngest of babes? A fun ceiling fixture is a great way to add personality to your nursery and give your precious little one something upon which to wonder. Light can also be a hindrance if you can’t control it. Having adjustable lighting is so important. Make sure you can block out the daylight to assist with that much needed nap time for you and your little one. Of course, if you utilize shades, make sure you use cordless ones or keep the cords out of reach. Window treatments not only help with light control but also add a soft layer to your nursery.

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4. Innovated:

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Having a baby is a life changing experience. One that will present you with constant change and leave you wishing you had a bottomless pocketbook. Make sure your nursery can keep up with your baby’s needs as well as your budget. Invest in furniture that can be transformed or serve multiple purposes. At first you might need a space for your amazing mom who comes to offer aid. Don’t have the room for a guest bed? Use a small apartment size sofa or chaise lounge that can later be moved into the playroom. Have an old chest of drawers from your grandmother? Paint if a fun color and use it as your changing table. It can later be converted into a dresser for those toddler and teenager years. Invest in a crib that can be converted into a twin size bed and buy furniture pieces that provide you with adjustable storage that can adapt to the ever changing cycle of clothes and toys.

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What Is Your “Must Have” Nursery Items or Décor?

Share with us what has worked for you or what you can’t wait to utilize in your first nursery space. We love hearing from our readers. Want professional help in the design of your own unique nursery, child’s room, or play space? We would love to assist you and help make your vision a reality!We hope you have enjoyed and been inspired by RSVP’s Top Four Nursery Must Haves!

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