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Shadow Casting: The Beauty of Shadow and Light

Contemporary lighting fixtures that cast interesting shadows are one of modern interior decorating trends today. You can highlight a unique wall art piece with the strongest light or use contrasts of light and shadow, that a large chandelier, contemporary floor lamp or wall sconces create. You can add glowing light and soft shadows to table decor, or create beautiful and unique design  ideas to your home.

One example is this  remarkable chandelier from Hilden & Diaz projects a 360° shadow of trees and roots onto the walls surrounding it. Titled Forms in Nature the light was partly inspired by the drawings of Ernst Haeckel, the German biologist, naturalist, and philosopher (among other things) who is perhaps most famous for discovering thousands of new animal species and mapping them to a genealogical “tree of life”. Dimming the lights transforms the installation and one senses a weak fire burning deep in the center of the forest.

Chandelier that Projects Tree Shadows


This is an underside view of the Maxim Lighting Chantilly. Its woven, gathered strands of chain allow for this pattern of shadow and light.

Maxim Lighting Chantilly

This is a brazed Tin Can Lamp that throughs off interesting shadows of light

Brazed Tin Can Lamp

Recycled Bike Part Chandeliers Cast Spectacular Shadows

Recycled Bike Parts Chandelier

These gorgeous lights from Tokens of Living have a fascinating glow. Each metal lamp is hand-drilled with hundreds of holes to create unique patterns, which cast incredible shadows. I can imagine the warm, magical feeling of being in a room with them.

 From Tokens of Light

Lighting designers use a range interior lighting design techniques to achieve different moods. The source lights the floor but leaves the perimeter and the ceiling in shadow

Sometimes the true form of objects casting a shadow cannot be determined from the shape of the shadow itself. 
Kumi Yamashita’s “Profile (1994)” 
The letters and numbers scattered on the wall, lit from the left, cast a silhouette of a man’s face. 


Poland-based artist Calabarte has made an art out of transforming gourds into beautifully detailed lamps. The delicate pieces are intricately hand-carved, and their designs cast gorgeous patterns on their surrounding walls. The artist uses the organic lamps to bring a little magic into his favorite time of day: the evening.


You can add glowing light and soft shadows to table decor, or create beautiful and unique design  ideas to your home with lighting sources that create shadow casting…something to consider when selecting your fixtures. Contact RSVP Design Services to help with all of your home decorating needs.

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