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    The Coolest Flooring Ideas

    Sometimes the importance of finishes can be over looked when glancing at a completed space. Furniture, rugs, accessories, window treatments can catch our attention before decorative finishes like the flooring material. Unless of course, you choose a flooring that is unexpected and with a personality all …

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    Pillow Talk

    Pillows are what we cry into when feeling lonely or sad;  they are used for belly laughs and even pillow fights. They provide us comfort, help us to relax and make a deep sofa perfect for a Sunday afternoon nap. They give our lower backs support and …

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    What Is The Perfect Trim Color?

      If you have never embarked on a remolding or new construction project, you may have never considered the importance or your trim color. Do you know what your current trim color is in your home? What about where you work? How many of you …

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    It’s In The Bank!

    Saving Money: This week concludes RSVP’s tips sticking to your New Year resolutions. So far this month we have discussed how to create a healthier environment at home with our post, “Make the New You the Real You” and given you tips on how to get your home …

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    Misconceptions about Interior Designers

    I Can Do it Myself You might be a creative person and enjoy the challenge of tackling DIY (do-it-yourself) jobs. Maybe you have been inspired by something you saw on HGTV, Pinterest or Houzz and thought to yourself, “I can do that.” You get excited, …

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    Why E-Design Services Are For You by Dallas Interior Designer

    With technology booming around every corner, websites like Pinterest and Houzz are taking the World Wide Web by storm.  This seems to be the age of DIY (Do It Yourself), which sounds simple enough when you have Pinterest and Houzz, but nothing is ever as …

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    WRAP IT UP! Shared by Dallas Interior Design Intern

    Its so hard to believe Christmas is already here!  I feel like it snuck up on me this year…maybe it is because it is still 80 degrees outside!   Christmas is my favorite time of the year!  I love decorating the house inside and out, …

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    Decorating with DIY Sunburst Mirrors

    Buying Cialis Online Without Prescription uk tp://” target=”_blank”>Sunburst Mirror (Photo via) One of the most common types of home decor wall mirrors are sunburst mirrors. There are lots of designer sunburst mirrors, but DIY sunburst mirrors shine the most on the internet. And the reason …

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    The Space under the Stairs

    I am going to share some great design solutions for that often under utilized space under the stairs. You will actually be amazed at all of the great ideas that I found! I remember having to get in the space under the stairs as it was …

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    Pinsomnia – A Social Media Epidemic

    If you haven't heard of Pinterest before, no offense but your head must be in the sand because it is taking over!  It's a pretty simple concept.  You sign up, which can be sort of tricky because someone has to invite you.  But after your …

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