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The Space under the Stairs

I am going to share some great design solutions for that often under utilized space under the stairs.

You will actually be amazed at all of the great ideas that I found! I remember having to get in the space under the stairs as it was the safest place in our home from a threatening tornado. Most homeowners only think of this area for a coat closet, but I found a variety of great design solutions!

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This wine cellar is one of my favorite design solutions


Here are three great ideas to maximize use of that space under the stairs.


A  comfortable reading nook was created out of that cozy space under the stairs!


This is a very clever idea of actually using the inside of the stairs as drawers. What a great place to store or hide stuff!



In both of these photos the underneath side of the stairs was used to add shelving and storage as useful space.


An efficient office space was created under theses stairs.

This homeowner used the space to create a wet bar.











How about creating an aquarium under the stairs?

In a basement media, this area became home to the television.
















These design solutions makes great use of the space.


Too many wine bottles…build a wine rack.

In small spaces, how about using that space for a refrigerator and a dishwasher?














 Need a extra powder room? Use that awkward space under the stairs.

The under stairs became shelves for book storage!

This circular under stairs became storage for books.














If none of these great design solutions for the space under your stairs works for you,  it can always be used to store your onions!

 I hope these creative ideas have helped in rethinking that area under your stairs. Maybe you will look at that wasted coat closet in a new light!

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