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Tiny Living

RSVP Design Services resides in Texas where the common phrase of “Everything is bigger in Texas” is no understatement. That being said, we are seeing a growing trend in the need for great design in smaller spaces. We like to refer to it as “Tiny Living”. We have people asking us advice on how to decorate their kid’s dorm room, apartment, and condominium as well as clients who are considering downsizing. Another rapidly growing trend in tiny living are the Tiny Houses most often featured on the HGTV show Tiny House Builders. This week RSVP is passing on some of our favorite tips for Tiny Living.

Dorm Rooms

Very soon, college kids will be either starting their first year or returning to college dorm life for the fall semester. Most dorms start out very neutral, leaving plenty of opportunity to dress up these tiny spaces! One huge draw back for most students wanting to really personalize their space is that they aren’t allowed to paint or put holes in the walls. Despite the restrictions and rules there are still very easy ways to personalize and make the space their own. First consider the layout starting with the largest elements like beds and desk, as this will affect the rest of the décor. They can introduce a pop of color with area rugs, bedding, and brightly colored storage solutions. Incorporating temporary design elements like the peel and stick artwork, mirrors, and posters will make their dorm room their home away from home.

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Apartments and Condominiums

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.05.37 AMThere are many pros and cons associated with apartment and condominium living. On the plus side they are usually located close to public transportation, popular shopping areas, and restaurants. The downside is less space in which to preform the necessary functions of everyday living and entertaining. Having creative storage that doesn’t disturb the design of the room is key. Furniture pieces that are multi- functional such as an ottoman with storage or a sleeper sofa are ideal. Having a desk that can double as an eating space is a great space saver. Check out this beautiful painting that can double as a jewelry box or this impressive dresser that looks like wood for the fireplace area.

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Down Sizing

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As circumstances change in your life you may not need or want the larger space that your current home provides. Down sizing is often the best solution for those who are empty nesters or want an easier home to manage. Maybe you travel a lot for business or pleasure and having less behind to worry about just makes since for your lifestyle. Make a list of what is most important to you and then divide it further to separate the needs from the wants. When downsizing you will not only be reducing your square footage but also the scale and amount of furniture you currently have. Your large rolled arm sofa or twelve piece dining set passed down from your great grandmother will most likely not fit at all or completely overwhelm the smaller sized rooms. Be prepared to have to let some of those things go.

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Don’t forget to consider that as time goes on our needs may change. Having a single level home that can easily adapt to possible future impairments involving mobility and loss of sight is extremely important. Don’t worry, when constructed and designed correctly, it can still feel and look as beautiful and as luxurious as your larger home. As part of your property searching process, consider the following: Was the house constructed with wall supports for grab bars in key areas like bathrooms? Does access to the home require level changes or is there adequate space for a ramp to be easily added in the future?

Tiny Homes

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In recent years Tiny Homes have become very popular. Some homeowners are making them their main residence while others use them as a vacation home. They come in a wide range of styles and can be completely custom designed. Having a home with very little square footage for everyday necessities such as a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room can be challenging as you may imagine. The key word for a tiny home or any small space is multipurpose. Every piece of furniture, appliance, and designated area has to serve multiple functions. For example most tiny homes have a washer and dryer combination unit and a microwave/oven combination. Pull out storage under sofas, beds, and even toe kick space is a must.

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RSVP Design Services

While tiny living does require a sacrifice of space you don’t have to give up on style. Creative and out of the box thinking can help insure that your tiny space feels like you. The key is to really nail down your must haves and always keep the idea of multi function at the forefront. RSVP Design Services can help you transform your tiny living into grand living with some innovative solutions just give us a call.








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